Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Indonesia: Health Minister Still Wants Bird Flu Vaccine Project Continues

In addition, Nafsiah also warned that bird flu pandemic could later endanger public
October 16, 2012 
Skalanews - Minister of Health, Nafsiah Mboi insisted on running the equipment procurement project bird flu vaccine. He reasoned if not passed, then the project would cost the state. addition, Nafsiah also cautioned that a bird flu pandemic could later endanger the public. If it is not passed, the people could not telindungi [sheltered; protected; shielded; safeguarded]. So the project should be followed up. "Yes it is pity that the assets anyway, so do not be wasteful he will be broken, because it will cost the state a very large," said Nafsiah in the House, Jakarta, Tuesday (16/10). was why the Commission IX Nafsiah asked to consider it. However, Nafsiah not questioned if the Commission IX to form working committees related to the case first. Having studied the situation in depth, he hopes the project was no follow-up. "When the legal process ahead, live alone. Which takes precedence save state assets if it did not proceed because it redundant," he said.


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