Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I previously reported on this, here.
excerpt from that post:
A new medical surveillance system, in development, testing and proving for more than 10 years, has identified an outbreak of influenza type B virus infection in Laredo (Texas), a major port of entry between Mexico and the United States.
Date: Mon 15 Oct 2012
The Texas Department of State Health Services has not confirmed an outbreak of influenza in Laredo, Texas. Routine surveillance did identify some early season influenza B cases in the community. Based on these findings, the local health department sent a health advisory to local healthcare providers reminding them of the importance of influenza prevention, treatment and diagnosis. --
 Carol M Davis, MSPH, CPH
Emerging and Acute Infectious Disease Branch
Texas Department of State Health Services
 Mailcode 1960
Austin, TX 78714-9347 USA

[ProMED-mail post entitled: Influenza (99): USA (TX) type B outbreak, archive number 20121013.1341462, relayed a report on PRWeb that the Texas Department of State Health Services had confirmed an outbreak of influenza B virus infection in Laredo. This information is incorrect. The influenza B cases were identified in the community in early season surveillance only. ProMED-mail apologises for propagating this misinformation and thanks Carol Davis for providing this correction. - Mod.CP]


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