Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Japan: Overview of the Law Concerning Special Measures against pandemic influenza, etc. H3N2v

[Translation.  Editing is mine]
Past Pandemi virus to mutate
In August this year, to infect human cases have been reported over the total of 200 influenza H3N2v swine in several states of the United States. It is thought that this virus, it is assumed that gene of pandemic influenza that occurred in 2009 in the influenza H3N2 in Hong Kong has been crossed, it is like the one who developed infection and many children were in contact with rich and live pigs, such as fair agriculture there. The force is so weak that virulence is weak, the infection from person to person, which is not considered a major problem stage Luckily, there is a need to follow carefully.

Mutations in the gene is intense, influenza viruses are waterfowl, but is host intrinsic, out to infect humans and pigs occasionally and repeat mutations, so as to have the power to infect efficiently from person to person become. If the type that does not have a lot of people it has infected, it may due to the lack of immunity, cause (Pandemi) a global pandemic, causing serious damage at the same time. It is a Spanish flu the most serious things that are known all over the world in the past years struck 1918-19. Because they were not noticeable during the First World War, which killed 40 million people, also referred to as the world, he gave the victims of more than 380 000 people in Japan. (H3N2) has become Pandemi Asian flu of the year 57 ~ 58 (H2N3), Hong Kong flu of 68-69 years thereafter.

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