Sunday, November 18, 2012

Scientists Linger On To Nail Down the Virus

A recent report confirmed the presence of avian influenza among the birds housed at Central Poultry Development Organisation & Training Institute (CPDOTI) in Hesaraghatta.

This news has certainly sent jitters in the society by raising fears that there can be an outbreak of the same among birds in the time to come.

 However, the team at the High Security Animal Disease Laboratory (HSADL) in Bhopal has not been able to track down if the virus which affected the CPDOTI birds is a mutation or not. It is yet not clear if it can affect humans and if yes, then how?.

Basically, there are three types of viruses that cause avian flu -- H5, H7 and H9, and it is believed that among these three, H5 is the most infectious, which has the tendency to affect humans too. However, uncertainty if the virus is the basic H5N1 virus, the deadly mutated H5N1- virus, or a deadlier mutation than that remains intact in Bangalore or at HSADL in Bhopal. There is yet no confirmation from CPDOTI scientists about how they are going to deal with the same, but experts at HSADL claimed that they would keep on investigating in order to nail it down. "And it could turn disastrous if the virus that has attacked the birds now is a further mutated one", said one from the team.

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