Monday, November 19, 2012

The Egyptian Ministry of Health launches campaign against influenza

20 - 11 - 2012

Dr. Amr Kandil, that the ministry attaches great importance to the prevention of risk of seasonal influenza, and monitor any mutation in the influenza virus, one of the indicators of risk in this disease. Kandil pointed out that the rate of deaths from the flu in Egypt up to 0.36 percent, which is less than the global average, which is 0.59 percent.

He pointed out that hygiene is the first line protection of human influenza. said Egyptian Minister of Health former Dr. Mohamed Awad Tag Eddin The flu symptoms are similar to the symptoms of the common cold, but influenza much sometimes to the point potentially life-threatening, via exacerbate diseases such as pneumonia, and landing ( failure) heart, and diabetes. pointed crown debt to the type of viruses released «WHO» warning him after his appearance in the Arabian Gulf belongs to the family «crowns» which include influenza.


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