Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cambodia: Poultry From Same Lot Likely Infected; Increased Trading for Chinese New Year


The three infections in two weeks compares starkly with 2012, when just three people were diagnosed with avian influenza in the entire year, down from eight cases in 2011. All three cases in 2012 led to the death of the patient.
The WHO, the Ministry of Health and animal health experts from the Ministry of Agriculture are currently trying to find a link between the three latest cases, said the WHO’s Sonny Krishnan.
It was likely that the avian influenza originated from the same group of poultry, but spread over three provinces due to increased trading in chickens before the forthcoming Chinese New Year on February 8, Mr. Krishnan said.
“What happens is that people get poultry from surrounding villages and if they can’t sell it, it’s transferred somewhere else,” he said.
“So Chinese New Year is a probable reason why the cases are so spread out.”

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