Monday, January 28, 2013

Egypt: "Agricultural production" Shura demanding Ptfl veterinary supervision on poultry farms & cattle

Arabic Translation:

Committee called the Shura Council's agricultural production, to activate the implementation of Ministerial Decree No. 58 of 1982 on the conditions for the establishment of farms raising cattle and poultry, to ensure full veterinary supervision on these farms and to ensure early warning before any crisis of epidemic proportions. 

This came during a committee meeting today under the chairmanship of Mr. sad, to discuss a proposal submitted by the desire MP Dr. Yasser Hammoud on veterinary supervision on the farm. 

MP in the proposal need to ensure the safety of bio-farms and healthy food access safe for the citizens. 
He noted that the government had halted work this decision when he was Dr. Youssef Wali, minister of agriculture in 1985, which led to the spread of the plague among cattle, while veterinary supervision limit. 

He explained that when the bird flu appeared in 2006 caused the lack of veterinary supervision and quarantine enough in the presence of 300 epicenter of the disease, which is causing losses estimated in the billions on Egypt's economy. 

For his part, Dr. Osama Salim chief of veterinary services, the importance of increasing awareness of the importance of veterinary supervision under the reform of the system of veterinary in the entire farm. 

In turn, noted Dr. Khalid Mansour, head of the Livestock Development, Ministry of Agriculture, it does not have to download more of its energy farms Belzamh veterinary supervision costs.

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