Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vietnam: World Press Freedom - 2nd on list after China for degradation of journalists

[Coincidentally, we have 4 human cases reported of H5N1 Bird Flu out of Vietnam in 2012, and that was last winter.]:

 Vietnam continues ranked 172/179 countries assessed on the charts on the World Press Freedom Index 2013 by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) implementation. Protection of human rights organizations based in France commented that the press freedom situation in Vietnam is increasingly severe degradation and Vietnam from the third position has jumped to second in the list of countries imprisoned many netizens in the world, after China. During an interview with Tra Mi the English language, Benjamin Ismail, Director for Asia-Pacific in the organization RSF, said :
We also update the number of netizens imprisoned in Vietnam for the new information that we can confirm. Vietnam is the second country in the world has the most imprisoned netizens, behind only China. To compare the proportion of the population, Vietnam is the world's biggest prison for netizens. Last year, Vietnam ranked third in the list of countries imprisoned many netizens in the world, after China and Iran, but jumped to second in the past year.At present, Vietnam has 34 netizens imprisoned and at least 12 bloggers, netizens have been sentenced to the sentence up to the maximum 13 years in prison while the number of journalists or netizens imprisoned in years ago was about 19 ​​people. This proves that the suppression of the Communist Party of Vietnam for freedom of the press and freedom of expression of citizens rising. VOA: The point is considered the most notable on the situation of freedom newspapers in Vietnam in the past year, sir?


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