Friday, March 22, 2013

China: 231 Dead Pigs Taken from Huangpu River Yesterday...

THE number of dead pigs plucked out of the Huangpu River in Shanghai was 231 yesterday, a drop of 37.4 percent from Tuesday's haul, city government spokesman Xu Wei said.
That brought the total number of carcasses to 10,395 since they were first discovered floating in the river in Songjiang District about two weeks ago.
The Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau has been strictly monitoring the river upstream to keep pig carcasses from floating down, Xu said.
All the dead pigs fished out yesterday were sent to an incineration center in Fengxian District.
Water authorities said they have strengthened monitoring of water quality and increased the amount of powdered activated carbon used to disinfect the water taken from affected areas. The tap water quality is up to the national standards, Xu said.
To ensure safety, the industrial and commercial watchdogs inspected 1,317 pork retailers. No below-standard pork product was found on sale in the market.

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