Sunday, March 17, 2013

Vietnam: Bình Định Province #H5N1 Suspected in Poultry

March 17, 2013 Translation

Nguyen Lien, Vice Chairman Tran Quang Dieu Ward, Dist. Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh) said: "At noon on 15-3, the local industry functions performed destroyed 2,000 ducks two months of age died of illness of Mr. Chen Chi Can - KV 4, Tran Quang Ward Dieu ".
Prior to that, from 10-3, ducks, 2,000 dead of Mr. Can began spreading garbage. From next day morning on 15-3, his flock Can clean died only a few children. Receiving reports of veterinary ward People's Committee Tran Quang Dieu report to the relevant functional departments of the city. Quy Nhon proceed to destroy all men. "The important thing is that before the destruction of his bite is raising two ducks. However ducks lay 2,000 breeding isolation own normal, healthy, but above 2 months of age there is likely to be prolonged incubation due to new animals at hatching is not fully vaccinated, the owner of the purchase adopted, the sick and dying, "said Lien said.

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