Tuesday, July 9, 2013

China #H7N9: Hainan poultry industry gradually resume production of poultry has been released into the province ordering

Translation out of China
July 9, 2013
Poultry industry in our province steady recovery in production

Foreign birds have been released into ordering, but is expected to continue in the second half egg prices   

At present, the province has been gradually emerging from the domestic poultry industry H7N9 bird flu impact, live poultry trading volume returned to normal levels of 86%, average daily trading volume of about 500,000, live chicken prices from 11 yuan / kg up to 15.8 yuan / kg. Provincial Agriculture Department has lifted the previous stage of poultry and poultry products for the province to introduce restrictions.   

It is reported by the domestic impact of H7N9 bird flu, the first half of the province's poultry slaughter 98,100,000, of which the island of 17.6 million, down 10.5 percent year on year respectively, 20.4%, live chicken slaughter price was 15.45 yuan / kg, before the advent cost price of 16 yuan / kg level, down 23.6%. 

 At present, the province has been steadily recovering live poultry, Wenchang daily sales from mid-April to 200,000 in mid-June rose to 400,000, the amount Sunrise Island rebounded from 16,000 to 80,000, slaughter price from April 11 yuan / kg up to now 15.8 yuan / kg. Live poultry trading volume has been restored to the normal 86%, average daily trading volume of approximately 500,000. Chicks, ducklings trading volume returned to normal 90% goose trading volume has returned to normal production levels, daily trading volume is 460,000 Qinmiao.

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