Tuesday, July 9, 2013

NBC News: Emergency MERS talks begin amid worries of wider outbreak

July 9, 2013

WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl said that all nine countries which have had cases of the new deadly disease were making presentations by videolink on Tuesday. "Our expectation is that there will not be a decision today," Hartl told Reuters.
A further closed-door session was set for Thursday, he said.

As was posted in the latest WHO Summary and Literature Update today, the possibility of unsustained transmission is a concern...

"The recent mild and asymptomatic cases raise concerns about the possibility of large numbers of milder cases going undetected," the WHO said in a statement posted on Tuesday.
"While it is clear that human-to-human transmission does occur, it is not clear whether transmission is sustained in the community," it said.
The current pattern of disease could be consistent either with ongoing transmission of the virus in an animal population with "sporadic spillover" into humans resulting in small clusters of people becoming infected, or "unrecognized sustained spread of the virus among humans with occasional severe cases".


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