Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chronology of events of 1st #H7N9 Avian Influenza Case in October 2013

Zhejiang Province
Date of Report:  10/16/13
Name:  Henan Liu Ji 35(M)
From:  Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province
Onset:  10/7/13
Adm: 10/8/13 Shaoxing City People’s Hospital
ICU on 10/11.
Confirmation:  Retested on 10/14.
Note:   1st Case since 8/11/13.
Intubated, artificial liver treatment.  Unconscious.
Oct. 17:  Stable Condition


October 3, after traveling back to Shaoxing Liu, the first time to call his brother reported safe.
"Over the phone, my brother's voice was tired, but could hear a lot of fun, full walk plus car, take a lot of road." Xiao Wu said his brother also mentioned that on the way careless ankle foot, swollen up and back the same day to a nearby store to do foot massage, the situation is a little better.
After the phone, nor how contact. Liu was sent to the hospital until after Xiao Wu was from my brother officer that her friends get sick after.
According to Liu's friends recalled, October 6, they also eat lunch together.That Liu's good appetite, eating with a lot, drank two bottles of beer.
But I did not expect, on the 7th, the rest in the dormitory Liu suddenly sick.  Morning, Liu got up behind a little dizzy, high body temperature, that may be just a cold, lying down to rest, he wanted something to eat, you can not eat two began vomiting, sweating, fever, and more serious symptoms.
In the evening, holiday, another worker came back to see Liu very ill, immediately go to a nearby pharmacy to buy anti-inflammatory drugs back.
The next day, Liu went to the town of a clinic, the doctor felt it should be common bacterial cold, give him to open up some cold medicine. 9, 10, two days, Liu are linked to saline in the clinic, but the situation did not improve.
Hospitalized in critical condition after receiving notice
11 afternoon, Liu after hanging saline, shortness of breath occurs, the doctor immediately dialed 120. Evening around 5:00, he was sent to the Shaoxing City People's Hospital emergency room, the temperature was 40.2 degrees.
"6:00, when my brother called me personally and asked me the next day there is no space to Shaoxing." Xiao Wu recalled that when his brother Liu consciousness fairly clear, but speak very laborious, panting . He put down the phone immediately arrived by car Shaoxing. On the road, the doctor gave him the phone call. Originally, Liu refused to enter ICU, doctors and nurses how to persuade his reluctant to plug the ventilator.
"I am very much aware of my brother, and he had no money, into the intensive care unit was big money, could not bear." Xiao Wu Xiao allow doctors to hasten the first push into the intensive care unit, the signature, payment of anything until it supplemented on.
Until 9:40, Xiao Wu rushed to the hospital emergency ward, Liu still struggling into the intensive care unit does not agree, "the doctor can only spend tranquilizers before my brother will stabilize." Kick tranquilizers, a small Liu began coma, was taken to the intensive care unit.
12 am, emergency department found Zhou Xiaowu, issued a critical condition notice.
Infected with H7N9 virus confirmed.

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