Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Commentary: The Virulence of #H7N9 Cases in Autumn 2013

There have been 4 cases of avian influenza H7N9 in China, since it's reprieve during the Summer.  There was an abrupt slowdown in April, with one case in July, and one in August.  Then, October and November brought 4 cases.

3 of the 4 cases are in Zhejiang Province.  The 4th, in Guangdong Province.
After much research today, I was able to obtain the onset date for the 1st case this Autumn, Henan Liu Ji 35(M).  It is the interval from onset to critical condition that has me concerned.

3 of the 4 cases this Autumn are in critical condition.

The first case,  35(M) had an onset of 10/7.  In the article in the previous post of this blog, talks of how the onset was abrupt.  From onset to ICU was 4 days.

The second case, 67(M) was 5 days between onset and ICU. 
The third case, 64(F) was 3 days.
The fourth case, a child of 3(M), was 4-5 days.

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