Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kuwait: Health Ministry Is Ready For A Pandemic

November 18, 2013

According to a member of the Committee on Health and Labour MP Khalil Saleh that his committee met today with the team and the Ministry of Health, headed by the undersecretary of the ministry, for the order to stand on their readiness for a pandemic «Corona» he said, adding that the committee listened to a detailed explanation of the entire all precautionary measures undertaken by the ministry to address for this disease, which began to emerge in Kuwait through the registration of two cases.

He assured the good citizens and residents that was confirmed by a team of the Ministry of Health that people with just individual cases do not cause panic and fear, pointing out that the number of infections disease Coruna in the whole world did not exceed 165 cases, in particular the spread is very slow compared to swine flu or SARS and other .

And revealed that he turned out to members of the Health Committee, said the Ministry of Health has a general willingness to confront the disease and respond to and deal with scientific methods at the highest level.

Saleh stressed that the health committee will Taatdkhr effort to follow the steps the ministry and its strategic plan to address all diseases, whether through the provision of medical staff or medications and treatments, indicating that the ministry stressed that the team the opportunity to turn this disease epidemic in Kuwait is very weak.

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