Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kuwait: Two Almassabtan cases are still under medical care

November 18, 2013

Health Ministry denied what has been circulated in some social networking sites (Twitter) with respect to the occurrence of new infections disease Corona citizen in the fourth decade of life yesterday.
The ministry said in an official statement it yesterday, that the information frequent the presence of new cases of HIV Corona incorrect, where was no positive case in the laboratories of the Ministry of Health until today (yesterday), noting that the case المصابتين are still in the hospital Adan and communicable diseases, explaining they were under close medical care, and wished a speedy recovery for them.

Awareness campaign
Furthermore, the Chairperson of the Committee announced awareness for the prevention of respiratory diseases in the Ministry of Health, d. Ghalia Al-Mutairi, start a ministry to the implementation of the second phase of awareness against respiratory diseases, including 'Corona', where she was the first phase in September and October, two years, and focused on the pilgrims in particular.
She added, in a press statement yesterday that the second phase during November and December, and will be a class doctors from within the categories, to achieve awareness for all categories of society, pointing out that the second phase has already started, by holding Enlightening meeting is important for physicians about the disease Corona, and was attended by nearly 150 doctors from various disciplines, indicating that within the continuing education programs by 3 points, and have been the work of awareness messages (SMS) to the nursing body on how to deal with suspected cases of bird flu and infectious respiratory disease and ways to prevent them.

She Mutairi that the ministry has recently formed a committee to raise awareness about respiratory diseases, including «Corona» and the Commission during the past two months to intensify its efforts to sensitize many categories of the community about the seriousness of respiratory diseases and ways to prevent them, announcing cooperation with the Girl Guides Association of Kuwait, to deliver a lecture on Multi vaccination Alanlfonza and methods of prevention of diseases, respiratory infections for patients with diabetes at the Assembly Bpenid bitumen, which will be the distribution of publications and brochures for the prevention of diseases, respiratory diseases, as was agreed with the Academy of Saad Al-Abdullah to set up on an awareness and a lecture on how to prevent diseases, respiratory diseases.

Corona viruses {}
She stressed the existence of cooperation with the Ministry of Education, where he was to open channels of communication with officials in the private education sector, noting boil that there will be a periodical educational The Commission issued in collaboration with the Ministry of Education by twice each semester, through which the dissemination of health information documented and awareness students, teachers and parents healthy behaviors, in addition to organizing awareness open day involving several schools of different age groups, where it has been agreed to be in the month of December, in collaboration with the school run by the health and direction of physical education in special education administration.

64 deaths
Regarding the current status of the virus, indicated d. Al-Mutairi, that Corona is a virus common in all parts of the world, cause colds usually, indicating that the virus Koruna new which causes what is now called «syndrome Middle East respiratory MERS» cause «between April 2012 to today» infecting number of 152 laboratory-confirmed case including 64 deaths, a banner Elian symptoms were fever, cough, shortness of breath, as this virus is different from viruses المكللة the other wounded people, and caused them to diseases, it also differs from this virus also virus Corona that caused SARS (severe acute respiratory), in in 2003.

Health Promotion Department
Included Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health. Khaled Sahlawi, both d. Dreams Ruwaih and Mishari Anzi from the Department of Health Promotion, in addition to d. Nur ÇáäíČÇŃí to membership of the Sub-Committee for health awareness to combat Coruna, while re-agent Sahlawi the formation of the Standing Committee of publications headed by an observer health records in the National Center for Health Information Fatima Al-Kandari.

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