Wednesday, February 12, 2014

#H7N9 Media Reports 3 Deaths in Hunan

[I have checked and re-checked -- I only have 2 deaths reported.]
My List:

Hunan:  9
A.    Yueyang City
a.    Miluo City (58) (61)
B.    Yongzhou
a.    Jiangyong County (38) (8)
C.    Loudi
a.    Louxing District (59*)
b.    Shuangfeng County (21*) (23)
c.    Lianyun County (19)
D.    Shaoyang
a.    Suining County (38)

February 13, 2014
  According to the Provincial Health Department Emergency Office official Danguo Yong introduction, has been diagnosed in 9 patients, two patients have been discharged, are Yongzhou Jiangyong County that 38-year-old Yang Moumou and 8-year-old Yang Moumou; another There are three patients died; still under treatment in the remaining four cases, including two patients with severe illness.

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