Friday, February 20, 2009

Central Java: Bird Flu Merebak in Eromoko

Bird Flu Merebak in Eromoko
Friday, 20 February 2009
WONOGIRI (Sindo) - Temu's bird flu case caused by the virus Avian Influenza (AI) in the back merebak District Wonogiri. This time, at least an 60-tails in the village poultry NGADIREJO District Eromoko since died suddenly on Tuesday (17 / 2) and up to yesterday.

In fact, rapid test results indicate the death of poultry was positive bird flu. "On the findings that we make a direct examination of all residents in the two hamlets, Nglengkong and Siyono," explains Head of Animal Health Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Marine Wonogiri Ismaryati Budiningsih, yesterday. He explained, the examination is conducted to anticipate the possibility of cases in humans. According to him, all the residents in the area around the index case has been ordered to be examined.

The findings in the case of bird flu Eromoko long list to add more bird flu cases in Wonogiri.Tercatat during the period 1.5 months, cases of bird flu reaching the 6 districts and 594 head of poultry. To prevent the virus is not widespread, have also been doing the spraying disinfectant in the area surrounding the case. In addition, the government also ordered residents in order to impound birds.

Meanwhile, Sri NGADIREJO Head Rohmani village, said the emergence of bird flu cases, one due to the low awareness of residents to stall mereka.Padahal poultry, poultry stall appeal to the Frequently Asked citizen. "When people start this finding responsive since bird flu cases," he explained (Sumarno)

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