Monday, March 30, 2009

RSHS treated two patients the Assumption of Bird Flu

Senin, 30 Maret 2009
BANDUNG - The Hasan Sadikin hospital (RSHS) Bandung again treated two patients who were expected experienced suspect Avian Influence (AI) alias bird flu. UR (23), the resident of the Pelamunan IX Hill, Bekasi was before treated in Poinciana Tree space, RSHS since last March 24. UR was treated after experiencing the breathless and feverish sign high. Now, one other patient, R (50), the resident of the Village of key Sand RT08/RW03, the Sarijaya District, the Majalaya Subdistrict, the Karawang Regency, was treated in Poinciana Tree space since March 30. Raisem (40) the wife R said, before being treated in RSHS, casualties could be run off with to the Lamerta Clinic and RS Dewi Sri, Kabupaten Karawang. However, on reconciliation of RS Dewi Sri, casualties it was recommended immediately were run off with to RSHS because this RS did not have the implement to merwat the assumption patient suspect bird flu. The "side's RS words, was seen from his signs, the temporary assumption was affected by bird flu." But the doctor here (RSHS) did not yet give information anything, explained Raisem when being met by the reporter in the Poinciana Tree waiting room, on Monday (30/3/2009).

According to him, two weeks before his husband showed the sign of bird flu, the poultry around his house many that died suddenly. Kluarganya personally maintained seven chickens, four including dying suddenly some time before. He admitted that his husband carried out direct contact with the poultry that died. "After the chickens died, my husband exiled him to the time." In our village many that died suddenly because of my neighbour also many that maintained the chicken, he said. He said, initially the family was not suspicious of this incident. His article, after experiencing the fever and breathless, casualties could recover several days before finally showed the sign came back. Raisem said, his husband only showed the breathless and feverish sign, without being accompanied unconscious.

According to him, there was no other resident who experienced the similar incident like his husband. Raisem hoped, results of his husband's check-up did not show the impact that bruruk. "I only submitted what results" of the "doctor's inspection, but yes hopefully the assumption was untrue," hoped he. At this time, said he, was carried out by spraying anti AI in the Sarijaya village.

In the meantime, the chairman of the team of the control doctor of RSHS bird flu, Hadi Yusuf said, the two patients were treated by the reason contracted the illness with signs of bird flu. However this matter still could not diapstikan. His article, the blood inspection of the two patients maish continued to be carried out by the team of the doctor. "Sample blood of one of the patients has been sent by us to Jakarta to be checked." The temporary assumption, the first patient contracted DBD. Sedangkan the second patient did not yet go out results, explained Hadi.

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