Saturday, April 4, 2009

RSHS Rawat Ayah and the Child Suspect Flu Burung Bandung

04/04/09 20:01 (Antara News) - Great (25) and Firman (14 months), the Father and the child of the Village of the Village Stop of Cipatat RT01 RW04 of the resident's uterus the Bandung Regency West be forced in treated in RSHS Bandung because susfect (was expected) Bird Flu. The head of the Cipatat Community Health Centre, drg Wahyu, on Saturday, said, before being reconciled to RSHS Bandung, yesterday (3/4) Great and Firman could receive the maintenance from his side. "Beforehand we indeed came to the father's residence Firman and after being checked indeed had affected signs" of "bird flu like the cough, breathless and feverish," he said. According to him, knew the existence of signs of bird flu, his side at once reconciled Firman to RSHS Bandung to get the maintenance was more intensive. The "night yesterday, around struck 09,30 nights, we brought Firman to RSHS Bandung whereas his child of Firman was carried this morning around 10.00 the morning" he said. He explained, on the Monday (30/3) then, his side got the report from the Kesehatan Service of the Regency Bandung Barat that in the area of the Halte Village often was found by the chicken died suddenly. On "last Monday, Dinas Kesehatan carried out the surprise inspection to the Halte Village related the report" on the "resident who stated many chickens died suddenly," said drg Wahyu. Knew this matter, the Kesehatan Service and Livestock Breeding of Kabupaten Bandung immediately did penyemporatan the liquid disinfektan in the Halte Village. At this time, the two patients susfect bird flu was from this Halte Village treated in Poinciana Tree space of RSHS Bandung. The side of RSHS Bandung, went through the Team of the Handling of Bird Flu, Dr Hadi Yusuf confirmed that there is two patients susfect bird flu from Cipatat, Kabupaten Bandung Barat in treated in Poinciana Tree space of RSHS Bandung. It was "true that had the new patient suspect bird flu that in treated here, his initials of A his age" 25 years and F his age 14 months, both of them that the father and the uterus child," he said short. He explained, that two patients could carry out direct contact with the poultry in his residence that died suddenly. The "poultry in the patient's residence many that died, suddenly, were frightened by them was affected by bird flu," said Dr Hadi. (*)

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