Thursday, May 21, 2009

If students stay travel dyeing new influenza Taiwan Ministry of Education to assist the post-return

Epoch May 21 (Bloomberg reporter黄慧敏, Taipei Society Shuner 21) The new Taiwan influenza H1N1 first two cases of confirmed cases for the students to return to Taiwan from the United States, the Ministry of Education proposed today to stay overseas, student travel have similar symptoms as soon as possible flow for medical treatment, if unable to return home as scheduled, will help to deal with matters relating to delay returning.

Ministry of Education, Culture and Education Director of the International刘庆仁epidemic outbreak at the Central Command said that the summer session, forecast fourth-grade students of the epidemic such as the United States, Canada, as well as the number of infections, such as more overseas students in Japan is about to return home teachers and students in Taiwan and abroad during the summer vacation may be short-term exchanges, the Ministry of Education in particular related to bio-security measures to remind the people attention.

刘庆仁指出,海外留、游学生有类流症状或吸呼道症状,建议应尽速就医检查治疗,若因而无法如期回国,驻外单位将协助留游学生联系处理机票延期和住宿相关事宜,直到康复后再回国。刘 庆仁pointed out that overseas stay, open category students streaming Road symptoms or respiratory symptoms, medical examination and treatment recommendations as soon as possible, if unable to return home as scheduled, in other units will help students stay in contact to deal with air travel and accommodation related matters extension, return until after rehabilitation.

教育部提醒,海外留、游学生如有类流感症状或有呼吸道症状,应主动通报台湾驻外单位,或驻外单位获知海外留学生感染新流感或疑似感染新流感,请立即通报教育部文教处三科(电话0919929803)、疾管局和航空公司。 To remind the Ministry of Education, overseas stay, type of travel, if students have flu symptoms or respiratory symptoms, should take the initiative to inform the other units in Taiwan, or in units overseas students informed of the new flu infection or suspected infection in a new influenza, please immediately inform the Ministry of Education, Culture and Education Third Branch Office (tel. 0919929803), CDC and airlines.

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