Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Appeared more infections from pigs to people

RFA 04.28.2010
Tropical Hanoi hospital from a week received two cases of suspected Streptococcus disease spread from pigs to humans.

We have four patients in this case being treated here.

Dr Ly Ngoc Kinh, director of tropical disease hospital said the cause of this infection may be caused by eating infected pork that has not been cooked or eat blood pudding or contact with blood or secretions of the pig injury or disease through inhalation.

Still he said Glass, Streptococcus disease spread from pigs to humans will cause septicemia, meningitis, or both types of latex at the same time.

Blue ear pig, has spread across six northern provinces, with nearly two thousand swine disease in Gia Lam district, is now in danger of spreading to Central.

According to medical research, blue ear disease does not infect humans but can reduce immunity where pigs and other diseases which cause swine to develop, in which Streptococcus can spread to humans.

While the phenomenon of children hand foot and mouth disease increased in Ho Chi Minh City. News from Children's Hospital two weeks ago that the hospital every day to receive one to three children with hand, foot and mouth disease, but step through this week, more than three dozen cases a day to visit with children hospitalized due to illness .

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