Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Saigon News - Add two more people living on boats on the canal Te neighbors had found positive for cholera virus. Saigon Department of Health recommends people living beside rivers and canals should not shower or drink the river water is not filtered. Two new cholera patients was a woman 19 years old and 19-month-old girl living in the neighborhood chairs in District 7.
A few days ago, two people in the boat next to the two girls were also identified positive for cholera, is treated at seven district hospitals in stable health condition. 19 years for patients with diarrhea before she can eat algae but not every item that has clearly defined disease. Like two boats were infected with neighbors, said patients before admission, she had to spend more time Te into the river channel.

. Confirmed pathogen may have circulated in the water and that can not be disinfected for the entire irrigation system, representatives of the Department of Health recommends Saigon residents living near rivers and canals should not bathe or use river water . Neighborhood chairs on the ward Tran Xuan Soan, Tan Thuan Tay is on 30 small boats anchor with more than 100 people, mostly people from the province southwest of Saigon River.
One expert said that only one person described the shit into the river had germs can spread in water. Department of Health representative said that to prevent the epidemic, after the first discovery in this disease, they can only provide a clean water tank and a public toilet. So within three weeks, Saigon was detected nine cases of cholera, in which the disease first drive in District 8 have three shifts, five counties had two, private neighborhood boat has 4 district 7.
(SBTN) Ministry of Health also warned the risk of cholera spreading that the current hot weather, the risk of cholera outbreaks is huge, especially in crowded areas, poor sanitation, food oral hygiene is not. (SBTN)
posted on 26 Apr 2010

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