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Indonesia - Sungaiapit, Riau: Bird flu in poultry and 9 suspected human cases

Bird Flu Case in Spreads Starting Apit River
29 April 2010

Reports Abu Kasim, Sungaiapit
CASE Sungaiapit bird flu in the district began to expand, since the unknown Saturday (24 / 4) and then, only one village namely Lalang Village.

In the village of hundreds of birds died suddenly had a positive infected bird flu virus (AI) and until Tuesday (27 / 4), extends to two villages and one village ie village of Parit I / II and Hope Village and Village Sungaiapit. Even human sacrifice which was initially only four people have grown to nine people, two of whom, since Monday (26 / 4) are already in the reconciliations in hospitals Arifin Achmad Pekanbaru.

To anticipate that the bird flu virus that has been declared fositif it so do not spread to other villages and the nearest in Siak district, District Health Office of Siak and Riau Province and the Department of Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Agriculture (Distanakan) Siak made rapid strides , specifically provides counseling and understanding to people in his village of bird flu.

There''are referred to Arifin Achmad Hospital, two people, while the other victims still being treated in their own homes. Because of their victims are not treated in Puskesman and we continue to conduct monitoring in the field,''firmly Kadiskes Siak Ir H Budiman Shafari MKes to Riau Pos, Tuesday (27 / 4) in Siak.

It is said Budiman, until now the victims are still suspected of bird flu and has not been positive, it's just been tested positive for avian bird flu virus. For handling in the field, his side has to take fluid samples of victims and also provide tamiflu drug.

While in the field, health workers from Distanakan Siak drh Romi Setiadi, after getting reports from health centers that mention Sungaiapit there are several villages in the district was attacked by bird flu, directly into the field and conduct an examination of dead birds by using the rapid test.

One Family Attacked muntaber
Meanwhile, still in Sungaiapit, a family of diarrhea disease. Even in the event that one of the victims must be stretched his life, because he could not bear the pain and ran out fluid.

Diarrhea diseases that attacked a family who is located at RT 03/RW 05, Bay Village Mosque, occurred Saturday (25 / 4) then. Each family was named Parlautan (36) husband, Rubiati (32) wife, Andri (11) children, Defianti (10) children and Almunawir (6) children.

They had admitted to the PHC Sungaiapit, but due to diarrhea diseases and diarrhea (vomiting faeces) can not be arrested again, making the child victim named Defiani (10) died while on his way to get intensive treatment at the Hospital of Pekanbaru.

Parlautan (36) as Head of the Family (KK) when approached by reporters, Wednesday (28 / 4) said the events that have claimed the lives of her daughter Defianti begins on Saturday (24 / 4) and, as usual, his son Andrew who was sitting in class V and Defianti who sit in fourth grade, went to SDN 014 Bay Mosque.

But he said again, when she was studying, her two children to vomit, then by the teacher and the child is sent home delivered by a friend. After that her two children seek treatment at Pustu Bay Village Mosque and the midwife suggested that she and her family were referred to PHC Sungaiapit.

Against the incident, staff Sungaiapit Health Center, Dr. Adrian Hidayat moment met reporters on Wednesday (28 / 4) said, patients with diarrhea or diarrhea and vomiting are dying due to run out of fluids in his body. Cause of the diarrhea and vomiting, the Department of Health has taken samples of water and food in consumption by Parlautan family. The sample fluid''we have taken, and allegations while they sekulaurga affected muntaber,''he said curtly. (RNL)

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