Friday, April 30, 2010

Vietnam: Swine Blue Ear: Authorities & Experts Still Can't Identify The Strain

Anti translated as Soldiers must

Have three years since 2007, Blue ear pig disease to "back up to date" and outbreaks were each ... high risk spread, wide spread, causing huge damage. This outbreak only last month from 3-2010 to date, as reported by the Department of Animal Health (can not fully sure), there were 150 communes in nine provinces appear translated, as more than 33,500 pigs disease and nearly 16,000 of these children died, must be destroyed.

Dr Bui Quang Anh, former Director of Animal Health (MARD), was not surprised by him for that disease swine blue ear not occur in cycles at all, which is basically due to the sense of subjectivity, delinquent government, the people in prevention. With the type of the disease, authorities and experts still can not identify the strain, MARD also has not proposed a national program vaccine for prevention, so to minimize the disease has only one the only way, first is to strengthen epidemic prevention.

As a good defense so right in this outbreak, in the epidemic areas like the Pacific, the largest farms are still not sick pig. Conversely, where no good prevention, delinquent, the owner is like an epidemic occurs naturally.

"... Meanwhile, over how outbreaks, all in green, foot and mouth to bird flu, the disease outbreak occurs, then translated into the most powerful is not thoroughly understand the spirit "quickly discovered, immediately surrounded and promptly destroyed. "

How many seasons experienced by service animals, poultry, Dr Bui Quang Anh straightforward: only when local government leaders to the people really care, prevention services to the forefront, and often actively regularly inspect and urge then to prevent new epidemics have been prevented.

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