Friday, December 10, 2010

Confirmed that the hospitals of the Ministry does not have these cases

الصحة تنفي إصابة 200 طفل في الفيوم بفيروس مجهول Health denies wounding 200 children in Fayoum, an unknown virus

لقاهرة - أخبار مصر Cairo - Egypt

Denied Dr. Nasr El Sayed, Assistant Minister of Health for Preventive Medicine of the 200 injured children in Fayoum, an unknown viral disease, stressing that the news does not have any basis in truth, there is no children's hospitals and the Ministry of Health patients in any odd symptoms.

Dr. Nasr's "gate-Ahram" that he had rumored that there are a large number of children have been infected with viral is unknown, and symptoms similar to colds, had been detained in hospitals Central Hospital, Fayoum General and health insurance in Fayoum, and children did not respond to treatment despite the detention days ago hospital, and that the total of injured at more than 200 children.

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