Friday, December 10, 2010

Egypt: Unknown Virus Fayoum More Than 200 Infected

Dozens of children in Fayoum Governorate unknown viral disease similar to the symptoms of colds, were detained in hospitals and the Central Hospital of Fayoum General Hospital, health insurance and notified the Department of Health in Fayoum.

An official source at the health of Fayoum's "seventh day", that dozens of children in Fayoum Governorate were newly infected with viral-like symptoms in colds, but not recover, although children from detention in hospital since the days of eating and the necessary treatment.

He added that this new type of virus has not been identified, and noted that hospitals in different centers of the province receives daily from 30 to 40 cases of children infected with the disease and that the total of injured at more than 200 children.

Has been reported to the Directorate of Health in Fayoum to take action and declare an emergency hospital in anticipation of the increasing number of children infected with the disease.

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