Thursday, January 13, 2011

#Egypt: A 6 hotbeds of avian influenza in Menoufia #H5N1

13-1-2011 | 17:28

Dr Ahmed Fuad, the director of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine Menoufia that he was a 6 new outbreaks of avian influenza at 4 centers in the county.
Discovered spots in the centers of Menouf, and seven pools, and Ashmun, and Quesna, and identified 35 of the infected live birds, "chickens and ducks" in the house of Abdul Fattah Ahmed Abdul Fattah, the village of Grace Center Ashmun. Also found wounded 30 other cases of live birds, the home of spring Hussein in the village of Grace in addition to the detected 4 other sites infected in the house Fri, Hafiz Muhammad estate Basha Center Ashmun, and the virtues of Mohammed Ibrahim Kafr Shubra Umbulula Menof and inside them 15 cases of infected birds, Hossam Abdel Dayem village Bhristirm and the 6 infected birds, and Adel Mohammed Ibrahim Vtars dead, seven pools and by 8 birds.
The Director of Veterinary Medicine, had been culled infected cases, stressing that most of the injuries caused by faulty special education at home villages, and had been vaccinated birds discovered adjacent to the hot spots for free, in order to prevent the spread of the disease.

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