Thursday, January 13, 2011

Egypt: Medical Convoy in Qena

Comprehensive medical convoy to the village of albedo 3500 cases dealt with satisfactorily

The Governor of Qena, the convoy took place to detect up to 3500 citizen was also to transfer more than 42 cases to public hospitals, central, and work 20 rays of cases of need and laboratory testing of 90 medical condition and leaf extract treatment at the expense of State for the number of 10 cases suffering from chronic diseases.

أضاف أيوب أن القافلة تقوم بتوقيع الكشف الطبي على أبناء القرية وصرف العلاج لهم بالمجان وتحويل الحالات إلى مستشفى قنا العام بجانب إصدار قرارات العلاج على نفقة الدولة لغير القادرين . Ayub said that the convoy you sign a medical examination on the children of the village and exchange them with treatment free of charge and transfer the cases to Qena General Hospital next to the version of treatment decisions at the expense of the State who can not.
He added that there is a large turnout of citizens at all clinics and multidisciplinary view of the medical service provided by that incomparable medical services in hospitals major was also keen ladies village to pursue awareness seminars that explain the procedures for protection of avian and pandemic influenza emerging health education and family planning methods to achieve the national goal, which seeks by the State family planning that is two children per family and discuss the issue of female circumcision and its dangers guidance for women on girls.

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