Sunday, January 9, 2011

#Egypt: Beheira Gov. - 7 Suspected #H5N1

What I noticed in this article, is the cases from Kafr El-Dawar. In my list, from the post located here, I have two suspected cases from Kafr El-Dawar, entering 1/4. There were a total of 6 cases entering that day. As I noted in the above post, Kafr El-Dawar is a city located near Alexandria. Also, El-Dawar hospital has had a number of employees on strike, as I posted here and here. One more thing that I think worth mentioning, is my notes of the 6 suspected cases that entered on 1/4:

Notes: preventive medicine to homes of suspected infection, houses were sprayed with disinfectant and check contacts

Lake ..Suspicion of bird flu wounded 7

The Directorate of Health, the lake, today, holding a hospital in the lake for 4 cases of suspected bird flu patients, after they showed symptoms similar to flu symptoms, were isolated from the rest of the patients, and taking blood samples and sent to central laboratories for analysis.

The detainees are: green Abdul Wahab (56 years) Aldlnecat, Dreams gift (37 years) Abu silos, Hamdi Ismail (30 years), Itay gunpowder, Rawya Abdel Moneim (13 years), Damanhur.

The Directorate has announced that the hospital admitted Damanhur held 3 cases of suspected disease, samples were taken for examination are: Aida Abdul Halim (26 years), Kafr El-Dawar, Abdul Sattar Ibrahim (37 years) Nubariya, baby "two months" Kafr el-Dawar.

Turning Unit of Preventive Medicine to examine the contacts of the suspected infection, workshops, houses for prevention.

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