Monday, January 10, 2011

Gyeonggi Province to the obvious 'highly pathogenic AI' spread

. Following the avian influenza, Gyeonggi, Chungnam, and Hunan to the north was obvious.

Gyeonggi-do Korea's largest poultry quarantine area, thus truly chobisang dangguken took.

Foot and mouth disease in Southern California are suffering from this operation began, the Ducks buried.

The obvious one is Avian influenza confirmed in a duck farm is pas.

20,003 thousand of the duck farm, horses and chickens within 500 m radius, 50,005 thousand dogs have been buried.

This farm is the first occurrence of avian influenza A duck farm in Cheonan, and with hatcheries have been known by.

"Transcription> raised farm owners:" I show up in the morning, a hundred numbers, two hundred flood stage tonight'm not. We go now in doubt, guess by seeing ... "

Duck farms in Naju of avian influenza has been confirmed by the addition.

Chungnam, Chonbuk, Chonnam, and games played behind the spread of avian influenza occur in ten areas in four attempts was stronger.

Gyeonggi-do, especially the domestic chicken, 1 / 3 of whole growth is what is raising Hunan, 67% of the entire duck is raising.

"Transcription> Duck Farm:" You're living a very difficult 0.2008 years and then I saw the damage. Damages suffered farmers, have sunk away eopjyo farmers outrageous. "

The foot and mouth disease can not be placated even.

Sunny, Yesterday, Kyungpook National race and beacon, another foot and mouth disease had broken out at the Chuncheon pork buried targets are exceeded the 1.3 million.

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