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Indonesia: The majority of Traditional Market is Unhealthy

July 28, 2012
JAKARTA - AFP: The majority of traditional markets in Indonesia do not meet the criteria of a healthy market. From traditional markets 9559 (Ministry of Trade Survey 2010-2011) and the 7886 village market (Kemendagri, 2010), only five percent were considered healthy market criteria.

The fact that the Director of Environmental Health Ministry of Health stated Wilfried H. Ancient and Distribution Facility Management Kasubdit Ministry of Commerce M Anwar Ahmad, in Jakarta, Friday (27/7).

"The market is not healthy is the source of disease transmission," said Wilfried notify the risk of an unhealthy market.

Unhealthy market conditions are generally characterized by the exhaust system is not good, no zoning, drainage is not good, and poor hygiene.

Hence the means of buying and selling landscape looks shabby and chaotic, with a muddy floor, strewn garbage. Not surprisingly, odors arise and invite swarms of flies.

Markets such as, Wilfried further, the source of a wide range of disease transmission. Is one of the dangerous H5N1 virus, the cause of bird flu.

In some cases positive for bird flu in recent years, from tracing the epidemiology, some patients have a history of contact with poultry in the market.

"In the market, where cuts of chicken, chickens died, chickens that had a disease and so one. Actually, it is dangerous to health," he added.

The stuffy atmosphere of the market are also potentially infectious respiratory diseases and tuberculosis. Flies and rats that roam in the market, continued Wilfried, are at risk of transmitting the bacteria salmonella and leptosirosis the buyer and the traders.

While from the stagnant and dirty water can cause diarrhea and dengue fever outbreaks dengeu.

Reflecting this, the Ministry of Trade Ministry of Health and this year plans to build eight healthy market as a model for other traditional markets.

Eight markets are going to be built, the Market District Pangururan Naidoo (Sumatra), Bengkulu City Panorama Market, Market Grabag Purworejo, Klaten Clark Market, Market Minulyo Pacitan, the Great Market of Denpasar, Sikka regency Kowopante Markets and Market District Lambocca Bantaeng blue.

Total budget of the state budget to build a healthy market it as much as 8 Rp994 million. Later, the money will be channeled through the Department of Health in each region.

Wilfried said, every market will get stimulus funds worth Rp45 million. The fund is intended for the improvement of the trash, drainage, building a healthy toilet on the market and training.

"The fund is still not great. But it's for fishing areas in order to care for the traditional market. Head area not only been to the market only when the election kada," he said.

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