Thursday, July 26, 2012

Processed Meat Origin Malaysia and Singapore Destroyed

July 26, 2012
Institute for Agricultural Quarantine Class I Semarang destroyed 76 kg of meat and processed products brought by the Labor Indonesia from Malaysia and Singapore in the Central Animal Quarantine Semarang, Thursday (07/26/2012). In addition, the Central Quarantine also destroyed six bird species cucak Rowo, kacer and trucuk from Pontianak.

Head of Animal Quarantine Heli Afiantoro said the items seized from the workers who were taken by Ahmad Yani Airport Internasiol. Said the animal products, and consumed banned because of alleged health hazard.

"Destruction is a form of protection to the public as consumers, particularly to prevent foot and mouth disease and bird flu," he said.

A number of items that were destroyed, among others, in the form of beef, chicken, sausage, meatballs, beef rendang, beef and chicken burgers, beef jerky, beef offal, salt pork, chicken nuggets and cowhide. Goods were confiscated in the period May to July 2012.

While the origin of birds culled pontianak who are also transported through the Port of Tanjung Golden Semarang is not accompanied by the animal quarantine documents. "The animal was then our quarantine and during the quarantine period the birds were dead," he said.

Destruction activities are conducted in accordance with the said Act No 16 of 1992 on animal quarantine, fish and plants. In addition, based on Government Regulation No. 82 of 2000 on the destruction of materials of animal origin (BAH) and the material of animal origin (HBAH).

Still associated with many animal and dairy goods from entering Indonesia illegally, he claimed to have conducted a number of socialization on the workers. It also called for the workers no longer carry the items that violates the rules. The workers are found to carry the goods are also given guidance.

"Materials of animal origin from Malaysia was destroyed in an attempt to prevent the spread of animal diseases given the country of Malaysia has not been declared free of foot and mouth disease by the WHO, while Indonesia has been declared free, "he added.

Culling is done by burning and witnessed by the structural BKP I Semarang, the witness of Customs officers and airport police.

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