Thursday, July 26, 2012

Surveillance at airports tightened

July 27, 2012
Semarang, Semarang Central Quarantine Class I began to improve oversight of the luggage out of the passenger ship or aircraft. This was done to prevent the entry and spread of pests and diseases from overseas or outside the island.

The quality of operation to be performed by Customs officers was increased, with increasing number of passengers in the spring of this year's homecoming Lebaran.
"Heightened Supervision we started, both at airports and seaports. We work closely with the Customs officer checks a passenger's belongings, "said Head of Institute of Animal Quarantine Quarantine Class I Semarang, drh Afriantoro Wikantandi Heli told reporters on the sidelines of birds and destruction of food products in Central Quarantine Installation Class I Semarang in Karangroto , District Genuk, Semarang, Thursday (26/7). Witnessed the event, police officers and Customs Genuk A Yani Airport.
The carrier animal pest destroyed, a few birds of Pontianak, such as birds cucakrowo (1 tail), kacer (4), and trucuk (1).

The carrier material of animal origin category (BAH) and the material of animal origin (HBAH) is a meat rendang, beef burger / chicken, chicken sausage, whole chicken, beef meatballs, beef, beef offal, beef jerky, pork meatballs, meat auam , chicken nuggets, fish balls and chicken, and cow skin (Malaysia). In addition, pork, pork sausage, pork and beef jerky (Malaysia and Singapore).

Heli said further, that activity in anticipation of the entry of pests and diseases that developed in foreign countries, such as the entry of bird flu virus (AI), foot and mouth disease.

"Do not let a virus or pest that entered Indonesia through the port or airport. The goods were destroyed during the operation from May to June 2012,
"he said.
Head of Quarantine Class I Semarang Ir Sugiyanta added, it is the institution most responsible for the prevention of animal disease quarantine pests (HPHK). Harbor the Golden Horn and A Yani Airport is home masukknya carrier pests.

"Destruction of the carrier of Malaysia is to prevent the spread of foot and mouth disease (FMD). Malaysia has not been declared free of the disease by Wold Organization of Animal Health, "he said.
Containment measures and the destruction of it, obviously Sugiyanta, refers to Law No. 16 of 1992 regarding Animal, Fish and Plants. In addition, based on Government Regulation No. 82 of 2000 on BAH and HBAH, "he said.

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