Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vietnam: 7 Provinces with #H5N1 in Poultry - Continuously Monitoring Circulation of

Spread of avian influenza in a number of localities * The risk of loss of riverbanks in Hòa Lam (Nghệ An).   According to the Meteorological Center forecast - Thủy văn T.Ư, in September, the North and Central provinces have the possibility of three to four medium rains. In particular, there may appear the heavy rainfall in a short period, should prevent flood up fast on the rivers, flash floods and rock slides, especially in mountainous areas where the terrain is steep.

 In the meeting of the National Steering avian influenza prevention and control, 4-9, in Hanoi, the Department of Animal Health said: In the past two weeks, avian influenza continue to occur in three provinces: Bắc Cạn, Quảng Ngãi, Thanh Hóa, bringing the total number of local avian provinces and cities to seven across the country.

Blue ear disease, there are two more Bac Can and Can Tho have PRRS less than 21 days. 

Worryingly, the current in the northern region appeared the H5N1 virus group, with the difference with viruses (group A and group B) disease in 2012 ... the risk of spread is very high. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to direct the Department of Animal Health, Animal Health Diagnostic Center of Central continuously monitors the circulation of the virus first appeared in 2012, should be concluded early on vaccine effectiveness vaccine for the new virus to vaccination branch bird flu vaccine in the future, and launched May sanitary disinfection nationwide in September.

As of September 4-9, Nam Ðịnh province has 12 xã, the districts of Ý Yên, Vụ Bản và Giao Thủy birds have bird flu. The total number of birds in the local destruction is far more than 12 thousand.

In a new outbreak is Vĩnh Hào, Ðại Thắng, Hiển Khánh (Vụ Bản), Yên Phong (Ý Yên), Thọ Nghiệp (Xuân Trường) under the provincial Animal Health Department to direct cleaning, disinfecting stables and farms ; prohibits put poultry and poultry products from regions from areas ... Afternoon 4-9, Quang Ngai province has an emergency meeting to discuss measures to deal with bird flu is complicated in the province. By day 3-9, outbreaks have occurred in 29 villages of 22 communes in six districts and 72,916 ducks were killed and destroyed. Provincial agriculture coordination Animal Health Agency Region IV sampling tests, determine causes and organizations control the outbreak and fully prepared ready epidemic conditions. Emergency sector has allocated one million doses of bird flu vaccine for seven districts to implement the vaccination measures, and control ... PPC requires relevant agencies need to continue to strengthen measures to prevent and combat the disease.

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