Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vietnam: #H5N1 in Hoa Binh Province

Previously posted here, they issued a decision to report this outbreak, reported in this article below.  Judging from the location, I would say it is most likely strain, but do not have confirmation.  Hoa Binh Province is the postmark in the map in Yellow.  Map can be found on the right side-bar in the section,  entitled "Vietnam Outbreak":

(HBDT) - On 7/9, PPC issued Decision No. 1220/QD-UBND on the publication of bird flu at two Hoa Son and Co Hoa (Liangshan) from the date of 07/09/2012.  PPC for the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to direct the Department of Animal Health and the organizational units involved against avian influenza in accordance with current regulations of the State.

Report number 230/BC-CCTY of the Department of Animal Health, 3/9, Luong Son District Veterinary Station reports of mass poultry died of unknown causes at Hoa Son. On 4/9, Department of Animal Health has directly sent staff to check verify. Based on the symptoms of infected poultry, Department of Animal Health has taken seven from samples sent Central Veterinary Diagnostic Center for testing. Based on the answer sheet test results of 679TTCD/XN dated 09.06.2012 of the Central Veterinary Diagnostic Center concluded 3/3 pooled samples (geese, ducks, chickens) test positive for the virus H5N1 avian influenza. On the morning of 7/9, the inspection team of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Animal Health, the Regional Animal Health I, Luong Son district People's Committee went to check the actual situation at 2 Hoa Son and Co Hoa. By the time of inspection, Hoa Son has 740 sick birds and 448 dead birds in the areas of shipbuilding, Tram Bui, this spring. In the Grass Stream, Village, The Hoa have 400 birds died. The inspection team has the least: all the poultry in the village of Hoa Son and Co would have bird flu.

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