Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vietnam bird flu appears highly lethal

[This article is a bit more clear, than one article below it] 05/09/2012 By DAH, many provinces and cities nationwide are being bird flu outbreak. Through epidemiological surveillance, the agency has discovered a new type of the H5N1 avian influenza virus brought C code especially dangerous, spread fast, highly lethal. On 4/9, Hoang Van Nam, director of the Department of Animal Health (Ministry of Agriculture laboratory), that has now destroyed more than 181 thousand infected birds died from flu H5N1 in many provinces such as Ha Tinh and Hai Phong , Nam Dinh, Bac Kan, Thanh Hoa and Quang Ngai. Worryingly through epidemiological surveillance, identified one new H5N1 avian influenza virus, avian influenza virus was named C, highly virulent, highly lethal and , appeared in China two months ago. The new H5N1 virus appears different from the virus in 2011. The virus appeared between July and August has spread fast and wide from North to South China. According to the original, this virus appeared at the same time outbreak Chinese chicken smuggled into the country. Although malicious virus was warned two months ago, but the chicken smuggled from China into Vietnam overflow lot. Every day, thousands of chicken waste of unknown origin and no quarantine security is sold openly in the market. Not NNN Rural Development Ministry not know low-quality poultry from China land in the Vietnamese market. The Ministry has also evaluated this is unusual, with high risk of disease spread. However, no specific measures to prevent and sanction for trade objects, spread chicken smuggled given. Actual control of the current animal transport is very loose, the sanctioning of offenders is not really serious. People not yet received any recommendations from the authorities to be able to distinguish what is illegal, what is the chicken "genuine" and chicken was safe quarantine. This is what has made it easy for Chinese chicken waste into Vietnam during the past years. Meanwhile, the Veterinary Department also said bird flu vaccines sources vaccine for the vaccination has been discontinued, and the experiments on the effect of the vaccine against the new strain also recently conducted a few days . That means that while waiting for the official instructions of the authorities, people only know how to protect themselves in a very vague way.

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