Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vietnam: Wary new avian influenza virus

Wednesday, 05/09/2012 23:48

New group of avian H5N1 virus appeared in July and 8-2012, spread very quickly from the north to the central region

5-9: Prof. Dr. Long Thanh, Director of the Central Veterinary Diagnostic Center - Department of Animal Health (hereinafter referred to as the center), said an avian H5N1 virus has appeared and the authorities of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development are analyzed to clarify the dangers of this new strain.

The risk of fatal Dr. Long Thanh said that the determination of the center, the new H5N1 virus group appear from July and 8-2012 spread very fast and wide all the way from the north to the central region.

Although the new virus belonging to the branch had in Vietnam, but there are differences with the virus (group A, B) causing the epidemic in 2011. "The risk of this virus causing bird flu continues to spread and especially close resemblance to the virulence of group A but much higher.

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