Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Indonesia: Tia Lestari (8) Update

[I don't recall reading about severe lung disease or pneumonia...]
From the previous article:
The patient became ill on 28 September with intermittent complaints of body heat. "But the family just delivering drugs from the stall. Recent on Tuesday (2/10) brought Lia to the hospital and was subsequently referred to RSHS and while in the ER was vomiting and bloody bowel movements. Lia died the next day, Wednesday (3/10) at 15.00 pm, "he said.

10 October 2012 JAKARTA - The Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS) Bandung ensure the death of the patient Tia Lestari, 8, Bojongsoang origin, Bandung regency is not due to bird flu. Tim Bird Flu Handling RSHS Dr Sri Sudhawati confirmed, the patient died due to pneumonia or severe lung disease. "The patient is not suffering from bird flu, he suffered from severe pneumonia. Because before he had contact with poultry that died suddenly," he said when met at RSHS, yesterday. 

This is known as in any patient who experienced severe respiratory distress or pneumonia, the procedure is always performed. As reported previously, Tia allegedly died of bird flu. While the 15 chickens that died suddenly around the victim's house and her aunt, was examined Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (Disnakkan) Bandung regency. 

Chief Medical Officer (PHO) Bandung regency Ahmad asserted Kustijadi RSHS result of information, the cause of death of the victim is not bird flu," he said yesterday. Although begitun officers Disnakan Bandung District Health Office and also perform related steps anticipation of bird flu.

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