Monday, October 8, 2012

Indonesia: Boy 8 Years Dies Suspected Bird Flu

October 8, 2012

Soreang, (AFP). - Tia Lia Lestari (8) of Kampung Ciganitri RT 04/04 Village District Cipagalo Bojongsoang Bandung regency, allegedly died of bird flu (H1N1 virus). Lia died on Saturday (06.10.12). This assumption is in line with the dozens of chickens died suddenly in the village.
"Besides it, one of the doctors who care for children in RSHS me, ask what the chicken memlihara home or in the last few days there was a chicken that died suddenly., And indeed in this ward, precisely at RT 02 since October 4 today there are dozens of chickens that died suddenly, "said Entis Sutisna (40), Lia deceased parents when met at his residence on Monday (08.10.12).
According Entis, was his son, frequently playing to his aunt's house in RT 02 named Rohimah (35). Where the distance of their homes into the RT 2 to within 300 meters.
"When the doctor asks, RSHS too, I said, we do not raise chickens. So could my child be exposed to bird flu while playing on RT 02," he said.
Tisna early to tell what happened to his son. On Friday (29/9) and then, Lia developing heat illness. He brought to one doctor practice near their home. However, the heat does not go away. Therefore Lia brought back to the doctor, up to 2 times. However, the condition Lia increasingly severe, the doctor hands, and advised him to RSHS Entis.
"The condition of my child, experiencing shortness of breath, dizziness and fever. Well on Friday night (5/10) my son was taken to RSHS, after receiving treatment, including infusion, but the disease does not go away," said Entis.
Then, at night, Entis feel tired, intending to go home to the house to rest. While in RSHS, Lia attended by the brother-in-law named Yono (25). However, recently arrived at his home Entis, Yono call, giving the news that Lia critical condition.
"Recently I got home, then I went back to RSHS. Officer advised there Lia immediately brought into the visa. But after my hospital officials saw his room upstairs was full," he said.
Unfortunately, before getting back care, life Lia kid who just sits in class 2 SD was not helped. Lia exhale on Saturday (6/10/12) at 9:45 pm.
"My son died shortly after I was looking for a post mortem room," he said.
In the meantime, Head of Animal Health (Keswan) Department of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture Bandung regency, Euis Rohayani admitted his side had been at the scene and inspect poultry that died suddenly, including the surviving birds.
"In the meantime, the conclusion there was found a suspected bird tested positive for bird flu. Was obtained from the results of the sample quickly," he said.
According Euis, some samples will be examined during the first 14 days. After that, the new note is much more suspected avian bird flu or not. Euis said, as long as it does not include the area of ​​endemic areas of bird flu.However, he added, the discovery of the dead birds, then get in endemic.
During 2011, Euis said, there are eight areas in Bandung regency infected. Eight area is the Village District Cijagra Paseh, Village Pangauban Katapang, Village Cileunyi Cileunyi Kulon District, village constable Cimaung District, Village District Margahurip Banjaran, Village Waluya Cicalengka District, Village Patrol Arjasari Sari subdistrict, district and village Maruyung Pacet.

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