Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Indonesia: Little Tia (8) That Died, Had Poultry with #H5N1

[Little Tia (8) from Tia Lia Lestari (8) of Kampung Ciganitri RT 04/04 Village District Cipagalo that enjoyed playing with the poultry at his Aunt's house, posted here, died of dengue hemorrhagic fever, as I posted here.  As it ends up, those poultry were infected with the H5N1 Avian Influenza virus.]

CIPAGALO - DVO Bandung find the chickens tested positive for the virus H5NI in RW 04, Cipagalo Village, District Bojongsoang. Certainty of the existence of the bird flu virus after a quick test on chicken carcasses.
"Mother's pet chicken Oneng positive bird flu.'s Just the tail of the five, the one positive tail yesterday (Monday, Red) died suddenly," said Iman Rahman, officer Paramedics DVO Bandung, Tuesday (9/10 / 2012).
Therefore, Iman said it did not want to risk too much by directly spraying disinfectant into poultry cages citizens. Not just a chicken coop, a few corners of houses are often used where chickens were also sprayed.
The plan the agency will also conduct a mass depopulation of poultry in the region, yesterday. But the plan was canceled because officials and residents can not collect all the fowl in the village.
"Chicken pet citizens were outside the cage, scatter some where looking for food," said Faith.
Depopulation of chickens owned by residents, said Faith, it is important to prevent the spread of bird flus.
Because, in addition to found a single positive chickens infected, from the record it, says Iman, already there are 50 chicken residents who died in the last two weeks. Death of the chickens is not currently indicated as could spread bird flu in the region.
"We are still awaiting the results of lab tests, if convicted of the sample is positive, then the massive depopulation of poultry in these immediate causes lie within the indicated endemic," he said.
Euis also confirmed a chicken that died suddenly in Cipagalo positive bird flu.
"Yeah, one positive chickens from bird flu rapid tests that we do. But still tested in the lab first. Region is not endemic bird flu, may not find another similar case afterwards. This is the first case this year. Earlier report of 14 District Bandung, all negative bird flu, "he said.

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