Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Indonesia: Bandung to conduct surveillance after Tia Lia (8) Death

 October 9, 2012
Health Office (PHO) Bandung District will conduct disease surveillance for two weeks, in the District Bojongsoang, related to the finding of a chicken H5N1 virus, or bird flu.
Head of DHO Bandung, Kustijadi Achmad said it appealed to the public to immediately see if a fever or flu disease to the nearest health center.
"If there are people who had a fever around the District Bojongsoang, please see a health center. Later when a high fever that does not go away, will be referred to the hospital," he said when met at Soreang Tribune, Tuesday (10/09/2012).
He added, in addition to the medical officer at the health center, five officers on standby for surveillance of health office at any time to the field if there are reports of bird flu. The observation was carried out for two weeks, starting on Monday (10/08/2012).

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