Monday, September 23, 2013

#H5N1 Practice Drill Vietnam Tiền Giang Province

On 20-9, Project Management Prevention of avian influenza, human influenza and pandemic influenza prevention in Vietnam (called Project VAHIP) held drills flu A/H5N1 8th and poultry in Go Cong town.
This activity is aimed at raising awareness and alertness of the community; gradual improvement processes with effective prevention criteria "rapid detection, streamlined process," coordination between the agriculture , Health and the local government under the motto 4 spot (spot directing force in place, supplies in place and handle in place). In particular, during this exercise, the organization launched rehearsal situations handled bodies in cases of A/H5N1 flu deaths.

Accordingly, the Organizing Committee has assumed the situation and discovered avian influenza A/H5N1 infection occurs in hatcheries Cat, Long Hoa commune (Cong town). Veterinary Agency verification, investigation, sampling and testing in poultry prevention guidelines.
Steering Committee for Prevention of conducting town meetings to organize the prevention of sand dunes in the village, the commander of the operator, mobilized, organized forces, assigning tasks, equipment protection protection of individuals and teams starting the epidemic; conduct prevention services in the community; disposition of A/H5N1 flu.
Finally, Board Meetings lessons learned, absorbing opinions of delegates rehearsals.

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