Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Saudi Efforts to Stop MERS Virus Faulted

From the Wall Street Journal
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September 24, 2013
By ELLEN KNICKMEYER in Hafr al Batin, Saudi Arabia, and BETSY MCKAY in Atlanta

Experts Still Don't Know How People Are Exposed to Mysterious Disease

But in Hafr al Batin, a remote town in Saudi Arabia's northeast, relatives of four recent victims complained that no one in the family had ever heard warnings about the new disease or how to avoid catching it. "We had no idea," said Jawal al-Sahly, who lost his 39-year-old brother Fahd al-Sahly, their mother and two other family members.
Hospital workers in the town—site of 11 confirmed cases—kept telling Fahd that "he's not sick, 'You're making a big deal out of nothing,' " Mr. Sahly said in an interview, sitting on the faded carpet of the majlis, or meeting room, of the family's home. Authorities "don't want people to know there is corona in Saudi Arabia," he charged, using the name used by Saudis.

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