Monday, September 23, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Indonesia: Note Requested Pilgrims Mers CoV Infection Prevention

September 23, 2013
Jakarta, InfoPublik - Ministry of Health urged pilgrims do efforts to anticipate the spread of disease cases Corona Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Virus (mers CoV), following its report of eight new cases of the disease in Saudi Arabia in recent days.
Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health Ministry of Health Tjandra Yoga Aditama, in a statement in Jakarta, Monday (23/9), explains the appeal to live clean healthy behaviors (PHBs), primarily diligent handwashing with soap (CTPS), eating nutritious, well-rested .
Prevention of transmission of respiratory infections, such as when coughing mouth closed, use of masks. Sensitive to the possibility of illness respiratory infection, it means do not underestimate the complaints of cough, fever and others. In addition, if there is suspicion of Mers CoV where health rapidly deteriorated in 1-2 days, no history of contact, then it should be immediately referred to the appropriate health facility, and maintained the possibility of transmission.
"Follow the continued development of correct information about the Mers CoV in Saudi Arabia. Feel free to ask and consultation with our medical personnel there," said Tjandra Yoga Aditama
Saudi Arabia reported eight new cases, of which two cases were from the Medina, which is one of Hajj pilgrimage town, though of Medina, but these cases are not pilgrims. "So far there has been no pilgrims were exposed to the corona virus infection," he said.
Meanwhile, all these cases there was a history of contact with other proven cases of corona virus, meaning that indicate the presence of human to human transmission is limited though, not sustain transmission because transmission is not clear there is a second generation, third and so on.
Mentioned, four of eight new cases (50%) are the local health officer. Also on the other hand, there is the case of a health care worker Mers Cov Filipinos in Riyadh and not pilgrims. "News about the case is still somewhat unclear, but it is clear that health care workers was 41 years old.'s The news that the officer to the hospital because ketulangan control and no respiratory complaints, apart from that, there are cases which have not been confirmed that there is a Filipino people again who Mers CoV that had been treated for hemodialysis, these cases occur in Riyadh, not in the city of pilgrimage, "he said.
As in anticipation of this, there are 5 service activities are now carried Strathmore University, the Port Health Office (KKP) Embarkation Hajj (UPT Directorate General PP and PL) always give regular reports every day, and all to do counseling about this corona virus infection in prospective Hajj pilgrims in each dormitory embarkation. In each dormitory embarkation clinic also prepared for the travelers.
In addition, each plane carrying Hajj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia supplied doctors and nurses, and there are also health education through a monitor on the plane. Furthermore, when he got in Saudi Arabia, each fleet has a health officer, who is trained in Mers CoV.
Health care system that is prepared for the Indonesian Hajj pilgrims which include health activities is prepared in the sector ambulance services and clinics' Haji Indonesia (BPHI), the Hospital also Saudi Arabia's government is also ready with all facilities equipped to handle cases of Mers CoV.

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