Saturday, September 28, 2013

St. Louis Video Interview with Dr. Sharon Frey on Vaccine Work with #H7N9

 Video with Dr. Sharon Frey at link below

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - There's a new flu pandemic brewing called H7N9. The first people to come down with it live in China, but the race to develop a vaccine is going on fast and furious right here in St. Louis.
You may be wondering how alarmed should you be, and how can you help, which is why we invited Dr. Sharon Frey to join First @ 4 Wednesday.
Dr. Frey is professor of infectious diseases at Saint Louis University School of Medicine and is heading up the work to find a vaccine.
Click the video player above to learn about how dangerous this strain of the flu is, and if it's a threat to St. Louisans.
If you'd like to volunteer for the study, call 314-977-6333 or e-mail  to find out more.

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