Thursday, December 19, 2013

#H7N9 Case List & Map Guangdong Province Nov. & Dec.

Guangdong Province
Date of Report:  11/5/13
Name:  3(M)
From:  Changping Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
Onset:  10/29
Confirmed:  11/5/13
Adm:  11/3 People’s Hospital of Dongguan City, Stable
Adm:  10/31 local hospital
Note:  Contact w/live poultry (WHO).  10/27 to Yuanshanbei market to buy dishes, no contact with poultry.
Total Cases:  139;  Deaths:  45
Discharged:  11/14/13

Guangdong Province
Date of Report:  12/15/13
Name:  Hemou 39(M)
From:  Fenggang Town, Dongguan City
Onset:  12/6, fever, headache, fatigue & discomfort.
Adm:  Guangzhou Medical Ctr Critical Condition
Adm:  12/11 Fenggang Hospital, transferred to ICU on 12/13
Confirmed:  12/15/13
Status:  12/17 respiratory failure, multiple organ damage, possibility of death up to 60%.
Notes:  5 Days before onset, went to farmhouse restaurant & ate chicken.  Restaurant has since been closed.53 close contacts under medical observation & given Tamiflu.

Guangdong Province
Date of Report:  12/16/13
Name:  Zhang 65(F), retiree
From:  Yangjiang City, Guangdong
Onset:  12/11
Adm:  12/15
Status:  12/17:  Critical Condition
Confirmed:  12/16/13
Notes:  Exposed to live poultry

Guangdong Province
Date of Report:  12/18/13
Name:   Liang Yijun 62(M)
From:  Yangjiang City
Confirmed:  12/18
Status:  Critical Condition

Guangdong Province
Date of Report:  12/19/13
Name:  Ou 38yo
From:  Shenzhen City
Onset:  12/9
Confirmed:  12/17
Adm:  Shenzhen No. 3 People’s Hospital
Status:  Critical Condition

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