Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hong Kong officials: #H10N8 lower chance of bird flu human transmission

  China news agency, Hong Kong, December 18 (Reporter Li Chaolong) - The Hong Kong SAR Government on the 17th National Health and Family Planning Commission received a notification, a 73-year-old woman Mainland Jiangxi infected avian influenza (H10N8) died, reportedly also the first cases of human infection with avian influenza H10N8. 18, 2009, the Hong Kong SAR Government Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-man said, according to genome analysis, H10N8 avian genes belong to gene temporarily still all birds, so the lower the chance of human to human transmission.
  Ko Wing Man pointed out, H10N8 avian influenza virus had previously birds, especially some waterfowl, waterfowl habitat or environment were found, but on this virus in the case of human infection has so far not much information available.
  KO mentioned above which were diagnosed patients visited markets that prove whether avian influenza H5N1, H7N9 or H10N8, the highest risk of infection are visiting poultry markets, live contact with live poultry or wild birds.
  Therefore, KO also reminded the public, whether in Hong Kong or elsewhere, do not go to places selling live poultry in direct contact with poultry, or exposure to these environments, sick after returning to Hong Kong if the doctor must inform the relevant contact history.
  The same day, Dean of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chen Jialiang also believe that this is a case of rare cases, I believe that the migratory activity, called on Hong Kong people do not need to worry too much about, there should first focus on follow-up of H7 avian influenza progress.  

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