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Yangjiang, Guangdong soared to one case of human infection with #H7N9 has increased to five people

December 19, 2013
Southern News yesterday informed the Ministry of Health and Family Planning Commission, Yangjiang City, New Yesterday H 7N 9 confirmed cases of avian influenza case of human infection, which is the second confirmed case of Yangjiang since December, the current H 7N 9 cases in Guangdong province has increased to 5 people.
Yangjiang 62-year-old man in critical condition
According to reports, the names of confirmed cases was a 62-year-old man surnamed Liang, who lives in Yangjiang City, the patient is currently in critical condition. Guangdong Province, epidemiologists and clinical experts have assisted in Yangjiang conduct epidemiological investigations and guide the patient for treatment.

At present, Guangdong province people infected with H 7N 9 confirmed cases of five cases of bird flu, including one case in Huizhou, Dongguan, two cases, Yangjiang two cases; since December of three cases diagnosed.
According to the provincial government to deploy, since yesterday, the provincial prevention and control of human infection of bird flu H 7N 9 leading group sent five inspection teams to the province's 21 cities and Shunde people infected with H 7N 9 carry bird flu prevention and control of the Governor investigation.
Inspection team will be listening to the reports and on-site inspections by the way, poultry farming and management of cases of human infection with medical institutions 7N 9 H avian influenza situation to carry out supervision. Implementation, medical institutions and other key neuraminidase inhibitors inspection of live poultry business market, "a cleaning day, a week a cleaning" and "turns Rest day, comprehensive cleaning and disinfection" and other measures, the procurement and use of antiviral drugs, case screening investigation and investigation and so on.
Provincial Department of Agriculture informed the day before yesterday, Dongguan City, the agricultural sector in farming, business, wholesale segment is detected in poultry and environmental samples 22,000 copies, were negative. Yangjiang City, the agricultural sector was also detected 772 copies were negative.
Family difficulties may apply for relief funds Patients
It is understood that two patients in Dongguan have given free treatment, Huizhou first patient to spend more than 20 million, reaching eighty percent reimbursement. But if more and more people infected, the government pay for medical expenses still do?
Yesterday, the relevant staff Province Wei Planning Commission said it has purchased Medicare patients infected with H 7N 9, the treatment costs are included in the scope of Medicare reimbursement, reimbursement for a large proportion. Meanwhile, in April this year, when the people infected have been discovered in east China H 7N 9 cases of avian influenza, the Guangdong provincial government has set up a person infected with avian influenza H 7N 9 and medical aid funds, the first phase of funding for 30 million yuan. " If the family really hard, you can still apply for this relief funds. "
Experts say
Zhong Nanshan: H 7N 9 have not been found continued evidence of human to human transmission
Within four days, Guangdong has confirmed three cases of human infection with avian influenza H 7N 9. Provincial Center for Disease Control has said, into the winter, Guangdong sporadic human infection with H 7N 9 of high risk, there may be cases occur at any time.
This newly discovered cases of patients and the one patient lived in Yangjiang City, does that mean that there is an association between the new and previous cases of this example?Yesterday, the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Zhong Nanshan said in an interview on a certain activity, the two are related, he is not yet clear, but there is no valid H 7N 9 found evidence of sustained human-to-human transmission. He said that relevant departments will today virus nucleic acid detection and gene sequencing, "Look virus has no special changes occur."
Yangjiang first patient in critical condition due to the use of Tamiflu too late
Zhong Nanshan said, there are already a case go to Guangzhou, Southern reporter yesterday from a hospital of Guangzhou Medical insiders confirmed the news. Zhong Nanshan said that the first case of H 7N 9 Yangjiang Zhang reason critically ill patients, an important reason is that from the onset to treatment after nearly two weeks, the use of Tamiflu too late.
Why H 7N 9 consecutive appearance in Guangdong? "In the future may also appear in other places." Zhong Nanshan proposal, the poultry market to strengthen the management of the public should avoid contact with live birds. On the other hand there are those who have flu-like symptoms and poultry should contact early with Tamiflu, "Duffy itself is not harmful. Guangdong ability to fulfill 100% of Tamiflu."
Nanchang 73-year-old woman suffering from H10 N 8 avian flu death
Zhong Nanshan said it was first discovered H10N8 infect humans, experts said the outbreak is not a large area
Jiangxi Provincial Health Department confirmed yesterday, Nanchang, a 73-year-old woman infected by avian influenza H 10N 8 deaths. Media reports said it was H 10N 8 deaths worldwide first case of human infection.
Yesterday, the Ministry of Health and Family Planning Commission official has not been informed of further information on H 10N 8's. However, Feng Zijian, director of Chinese Center for Disease Control Emergency Center said in an interview that the current all close contacts Nanchang this name 10N 8 H infections have been under medical observation, found no abnormalities. The possibility of H 10N 8 large-scale outbreak of small, low risk of causing human infection.
Feng Zijian introduction, the case is a 70-year-old, who suffers from several chronic diseases, and just had surgery shortly thymoma there immunocompromised status.
Feng Zijian, said this is the first detection of the virus in H 10N 8 cases of severe pneumonia. But the patient has died, unable to obtain serum, and therefore further confirm the onset of infection and the relationship between H 10N 8, the chain of evidence is not particularly complete. There is no way to completely sure of his death and the relationship of this virus.
Feng Zijian said that China has been isolated from animals that H 10N 8 this subtype of the virus, but there have been no previous cases of human infection with this virus.
Yesterday, Zhong Nanshan said that this is the first time H 10N 8 were found to be infected person, has appeared in poultry in which the virus is not clear him, "H 10N 8 to further study it and H 7N 9 are two viruses, are two different things . "
Distribution of cases
Yangjiang two cases
Liang Yijun, 62-year-old male
Who lives in Yangjiang City, December 18 diagnosed, currently in critical condition
Zhang, 65 years old female
Retired, who lives in Yangjiang City, December 16 diagnosed, currently in critical condition
Dongguan two cases
Hemou Male 39 years old
Now living in Fenggang Town, Dongguan, December 15 diagnosed in critical condition. 5 days before the onset of the farmhouse had to eat chicken.
A 3-year-old boy and a half
Now living in Changping Town, Dongguan City, Yuan Shan Pui Village, November 5th diagnosed, November 11 afternoon has been discharged.
Huizhou one case
Moumou female 51 years old
Boluo Yokogawa town villagers in Greensboro market towns poultry slaughter market work.August 10 confirmed. The condition improved.

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