Wednesday, January 29, 2014

China: Health and Family Planning Commission recommends #H7N9 outbreak shut down the live bird markets

    Xinhua Beijing January 29 (Reporter Lvnuo) 29th National Health and Family Planning Commission published the third edition of human infection with H7N9 avian flu epidemic prevention and control program proposed in an outbreak in the city, it is recommended to take the live bird markets are closed and disinfected measures; in the conditional cities, measures to encourage seasonal closed.
    Prevention and control programs proposed health administrative departments at all levels of planning should be based on the epidemic situation, progress and timely pathogen monitoring the epidemic situation be judged by experts, to suggest that the local government to take targeted prevention measures based on the epidemic situation. Epidemic did not occur in cities, it is recommended to take the live bird market, "1, cleaning, disinfecting a week, January closed" measures.
    Program definitions, suspected clusters of cases refers to 7 days found one case of confirmed cases in a small area (such as a family, a community, etc.), and also found one case and more suspected cases, suggesting that there may be interpersonal communication or by common exposure and infection . Under these conditions, found two confirmed cases, the determination of clusters of cases.
    In epidemiology, the proposed scheme, the suspected clusters of cases and clusters of cases, on the basis of the above work, the investigation of suspected cases immediately, and focus on the investigation of cases associated with exposure history and epidemiology between cases of isolated from patients and environmental specimens viruses homology analysis, interpersonal communication clear whether co-exist or because of exposure and infection. Clusters of cases is confirmed, it shall within two hours by public health emergency management information system reports direct reporting network, and progress reports and a final report in a timely manner in accordance with the progress of events.
    For the timely detection of cases, program requirements for the treatment of various medical institutions at all levels of ILI ask their exposure history poultry or live poultry markets, focusing on engaging in live poultry breeding, slaughtering, sale, transportation and other sectors of the crowd. For exposure to H7N9 avian influenza virus in birds tested positive for the environment, and has not taken effective protection when exposed to breeding, slaughtering, sale, transportation and other personnel who suspect exposure, health organizations to inform, instruct his fever and cough and other acute respiratory When symptoms of infection should seek immediate medical attention.
    Program clear, the National Health and Family Planning Commission published monthly national human infection with H7N9 avian influenza morbidity and the number of deaths, the provincial health administrative departments of Health and timely release of information on cases of administrative areas. External environmental specimens positive results briefing sibling agricultural sector. Virus mutates, and other important information from person to person epidemic appears to be published by the National Audit Group of Experts on joint prevention and control mechanism for evaluation.

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